Alexandria’s Genesis

alexandria's genesis

There has been a lot of debate going on about the existence of Alexandria’s genesis. It appears as if this disorder is an outcome of an urban legend as no one with it seems to exist at present according to scientific research. It also appears as though this disorder may have existed at one time, resulting in further speculation. What is Alexandria’s Genesis? Is it real or simply fictional? What’s the story surrounding it?

What’s Alexandria’s Genesis?

It’s mankind’s best known genetic mutation. Those born with it are said to be perfect humans, with barely any biological disturbances. Legends have it that the condition was first recorded in 1329 London from a woman known as Alexandria. Her parents, upon recognizing her most distinctive feature, the purple eyes, resolved that she’s possessed and took her to a priest, to be exorcised. Fortunately, the man of God had already heard of the mutation and informed the girl’s parents that their daughter was perfectly normal.

It’s believed that following a mysterious flash of light on the sky in Egypt, more than a millennium ago, those who went outside to witness it developed very fair ski and purple eyes, and later disappeared north until Alexandria showed up. ‘They were called the spirit people’.

Characteristics of Alexandria’s Genesis

Purple eyes and a very fair skin that doesn’t get tanned or burned – their eyes are either blue or gray at birth, but morph completely into purple color by the time they’re a year old. By puberty, it becomes a distinct deep-purple color.

Usually, their hair is black or dark brown and they don’t develop hair at any part of the body besides that which they’re born with (on their heads, eyelashes and inside their nose and ears). This gives them the benefit of not having to shave the areas where hair doesn’t exist before puberty.

Even better, ladies at puberty don’t menstruate but still maintain their fertility. According to legends, Alexandria had four (4) girls all of whom were carriers.

They have incredibly powerful immune system that is resistant to any infection known to man and as a result have a much longer life spans stretching up to 170 years. Alexandria was 150 years when she died and at no point in her whole life did she fall sick. They also seem to appear 10 years younger than their real age and age slowly. After 25 years, their aging process slows down and stops altogether at the age 50.

They possess well-proportioned bodies, pas very little or no waste and never gain weight no matter how much they consume. They rarely digest, but their metabolism ensures everything consumed is absorbed and stay surprisingly fit. Additionally, they have 20-20 vision that remains the same despite growing older and stays perfect to their demise.

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The mutation is common among Caucasian women. The women are the principal carriers and pass it to their children, and it doesn’t skip any generations. Instead it get stronger with every generation. Interestingly, the mutation stays on even with interracial children and they”ll still have very all the above traits as they seem to assume a more Caucasian appearance. Moreover, even when the children marry (interracial children) to a non-Caucasian, their offspring will still carry the mutation and display the characteristics.