How to get your ex boyfriend back


When it comes to relationships things can go from sweet to bitter in a matter of seconds. Breakups will then follow and this is the saddest part of all. Loving him was all you had. Your world crashes and you have no one else to turn to. In your mind, you hope that you will win him back but it is not as easy as it sounds.

First, you have to win your ex-boyfriend back which can be just a walk in park. However, the biggest challenge will be keeping him. He left you once, can’t he do it again? What will you do to keep him? Here are some of the best tips of how to get your ex-boyfriend back.

Why did you break-up?

Most girls will always want their ex-boyfriends back because they can handle the fact that they don’t want them. Don’t do this. In addition, don’t just want him back because you like the idea of having a boyfriend.

Instead, ask yourself what was the reason of the break-up. Was it cheating or just the nature of the relationship? Some relationships end due to abuse, jealousy and possessiveness. If you really liked him, you should go ahead and fight for him.

Be better than how you were in the relationship

You need to be better than how you were in the relationship. Improve your looks. Be hotter. This will highly motivate him to come back. Just after the break-up, keep your distance. Don’t see each other for some time and once you do, he will be blown away but how much beautiful you have become.

Don’t always be available

Avoid being available 24/7 as this will make him think that you are eagerly waiting for him to text or call. If you are busy, finish what you are doing and then text him back, don’t call back. Give him a brief explanation as to why you were not available.

There is no need for details. Be casual and ask him why he called. Always be honest. Tell him exactly what you were doing. It is always a bad idea to make something up. If he finds out you are lying, it’s over.


Humans are not perfect, they will bring this curse with them in the relationship. Relationships will always have fights, disagreements and arguments which are not that good. Find it in your heart to forgive him. Was he unfaithful, abusive, controlling or boring?

It is always best for both parties to click the reset button and start over. You should also forgive yourself for the mistakes you made. Don’t remind each other of what happened in the past. Bury the hatchet and enjoy each moment with him.

Remember the person he fell in love with

There is a reason why he was attracted to you. Find that person. It is true that people change but don’t lose the good part of you. Take a look at how much you have changed. Do meet his emotional needs as you used to?

Ensures that any bad habits or mistakes are rectified. Keep that smile coming and stay positive always. In addition, you shouldn’t cling to the past. The change should also be gradual. Take one step at a time.

The no contact rule

Most people think that making no contact will make him miss you. Men are different, and some might miss you after a week, a month or a year. At times, they might even move on and completely forget about you. Keep in touch in him once in a while. This will make him think that you still care about him.

On the other hand, the no contact rule works if he contacts you first. Although he has contacted you first, it doesn’t imply that you should get back together. Most people use this rule to manipulate their exes. You might get back together and break-up a few weeks later. The relevance of no contact rule is to heal yourself and see where you went wrong.

Don’t find a replacement

If you are thinking of finding a new guy after a break-up, say goodbye to your ex-boyfriend. It might be a good idea to look for a new guy if you want to nurse your wounds. However, you should make your ex jealous in a smarter way.

For instance, let him see that there are many guys lingering around you. Don’t make the mistake of posting pictures on social media sites of you making out with random dudes. This will make him think that you were cheating on him and will hate you more.

Your ex should have the idea that you are still single but you need your time to heal. This will make him know that you want to get back together but let him make the first move.

Remember what he liked

No one knows what your ex loves more than you. Take advantage of the past and recall what he liked. If there is a particular outfit that he liked, wear it again. When you meet, share a light-heated memory with him.

Before you speak, think

The wrong choice of words will completely jeopardize your relationship. After the break up, don’t react by begging him to come back or crying. This will irritate him and drive him away from you. A smart girl will understand that it was his choice and he still has good feelings for you.

Hang out with him occasionally

Now that you are not dating, ask him if he would like to do something as friends. Keep your mind away from the things that couples do. Hang out with him in events such as sports, going to the mall, watching a movie, playing games that you both like, having a drink and more. Don’t talk about the relationship. Keep it friendly. This will make him miss you and once he initiates the ‘let’s get back together’ talk, follow his lead and control your emotions.

Give him the night of his life

Now that you have won your way back into his life, you might end up in either his or your place. This night will decide if you will win him back or not. Be the best you can be. One thing that you should know is that men are comparing creatures.


Ensure that you never take anything for granted once you get back together. Appreciate what he does to please you no matter how small. In addition, don’t go back to your old ways as this will chase him away.