How to get your ex-girlfriend back

You have been in a relationship maybe a year, a month or even weeks and your girlfriend decides to surprise you by calling it quits through a call or by leaving a note either in your office or at home. Most men are devastated by break ups. They wont show it emotionally, they will take time to even talk about it to their peers, but a break up crushes a man deeply. It can take even months for men to recover emotionally from a break-up especially if it is from a woman they adore. How men handle a break-up is quite different from how women handle break-ups.They are known to be hunters. They can raise a glass of beer to their peers when they feel they are in control and if they feel they have the best catch. They never rejoice in losing because it crushes their ego.

Break-ups happen to even the most perfect relationships in the world. A break up should be determined from all angles because sometimes it is not what you did but it could be what you didn’t do. What you should ask yourself is what caused it? What are the main reasons behind the break-up? Is it something that you did? If not, is your ex leaving you for a new partner? Why? As a man it can be devastating to realize that your woman left you for another man. And if that is the reason were you the force that drove her away to the other guy? Answering yourself all these questions can go a long way to determining whether you should try your best to get your ex-girlfriend back especially if you are still madly in love with her. This is because she could have decided to call it quits or it could have been the other way round, you broke up the relationship for no specified reasons and now you have realized it was the worst mistake of your life and you still want her back in your life.

In this article I am going to give you ways on what you should do if you you are trying to win your ex-girlfriend back. This is what you should do;


This should be your first step if you feel that you still need your girlfriend back in your life. Even if you wish you could take back the words you said or turn back things the way they were before. Just quit calling and sending her messages all the time begging her to come back to you instead give her space. Calling her only shows her how desperate you are. Which is bad because she might take advantage of you. Trust me, women don’t like desperate men.


It doesn’t matter if you broke up last week and you feel like you want her back already. Please give yourself some time. Time is everything after a break-up. Give yourself time to heal emotionally.Try to determine how your life is without your partner around you. Give yourself time to focus on yourself by doing things you love at the same time improving on the areas you feel might have caused the break-up. Get a hobby or work on your goals. Put your life together.This will make your woman see that you are not miserable because she left. This can also work on your confidence which is a very attractive trait in a man.


Love sometimes grows when couples are apart for a while. That is why most divorce cases are never passed until the couple have stayed apart for at least a few months. By the time the court revisit the case, most couples admit to have gotten back together. This is very true in this case. After months of no communication, it wont be a good idea to keep quite for a long time if you still love your woman, she might seek out another man. As a man you have been back to the dating game and most of your relationships turned out disastrous and you finally realize you made a huge mistake and that she is the woman you want in your life, just send her a polite text so that she doesn’t get the wrong impression on what you want. Lets say something like ‘checking out on her.’


It doesn’t matter who broke up with who, but getting the best strategy might help you get your ex-girlfriend back. Start with something like an apology letter, some flowers will also do. All these will send her a clear message that you want a friendship with her. Just let her know you are not expecting anything back in return you just feel like you should apologize. This is in fact true if you were the one who initiated the break-up in the first place.


You have sent her an apology, the flowers, you have done all the things possible to make her see the change in you. Don’t just stop there thinking you have everything back on track. Try to build a solid relationship with her. This is the time to show her the side of you she never knew about. The sweet you. Offer to take her to her favorite shows even if you don’t enjoy but focus on having fun with her. This will make her see that you care about her and that she is special to you.


Try as much as possible not to bring back what happened before your break-up or what inspired your break up. Let everything that has passed between the two of you stay in the past and work on starting a fresh. Bringing up past issues wont help in solving anything and it wont help in getting your ex-girlfriend back.


Be honest on what you want in the relationship. Take time to listen to her so that you can find something you didn’t know that drove her away from you, if she was the one who broke up with you. Let her know your reasons why you let her go, if it was you who broke up with her. Be honest on how you will work out your issues if she agrees to get back with you. Something like visiting a therapist before taking matters in your hands such kind of things. Be honest with her.


This would be your overall goal. Let your ex-girlfriend know why you want her back. Let her know how you feel about her. How you missed her. How you regretted letting her go. How you’ve realized that she was the most precious thing and you still love her and you finally want to work your relationship out. Let her know that you made that decision after thinking it out during your break-up.

These are some of the ways that if you follow can help bring back the love of your life sooner than you think. After all, a good relationship is measured by the number of times we forgive each others mistakes especially if love is the basis and foundation of your relationship. Some say love conquers all. That is absolutely true.

In conclusion, not all break-ups can lead to a make-up. Some may, some don’t. If you follow all these steps and you fail to get back your ex-girlfriend, bear in mind that, she was not meant for you. Don’t lose hope. Your match is out there, just be confident.