How to Make Your Ex Want You Back

Breakups can be so abrupt and it is hard to accept that your relationship has come to an end. Many times people will try hard to get their ex to take them back but is is never easy, many times they only get pushed away more because of silly things like drunk calling them in the middle of the night or acting really desperate. But it is possible to win them back. This article will give you simple steps how to make your ex want you back.

Convince yourself that life moves on: This may seem strange but it is very good for your mental readiness to win them back. Being desperate will not help, it is your ability to convince your ex that you have moved on, that will begin the attraction all over again. Tell yourself you are fine being single so that you avoid desperate scenes and actions involving your ex. No one enjoys the attention of desperate people, it could even be the reason they broke up with you.

Evaluate your relationship: Just like a project, if it fails, it needs to be evaluated to find out what went wrong. Remember what attracted them to you, remember how you won them over and compare what you are now and what you were then. Have changed? Have you changed for the worse? All this information will help you in your major strike to get back your ex.

Make necessary changes: in your evaluation, you should be able to see what changes you need to make. It is impossible however not to go way out of your way to impress your ex. Doing plastic surgery or having to change religion may be extreme and maybe your ex is just not worth it. But changes like maybe listening to them more, criticizing less, maybe getting into shape because you had let yourself go or getting a job because ever since you lost your last one you just lay on the sofa and sponged off them. Make changes that will remind them why they loved you in the first place.

Make them jealous: this is a bit tricky because you need to treat it like adding salt to a dish, too much and you will spoil it, but just right and it will be delicious. Being seen with someone else after you have made changes and you are looking better is going to make them want you back.

Make chance meetings with them: If you know where they may like to hang out or a route they usually take, you can plan to bump into them there. Make it seem all by chance and do not spend too much time talking to them if they come up to say hello. It helps to have friends around you. By this time, they should still have it fresh in their mind that you seem to have moved on.

Be friendly: you will probably have more meetings or even have them calling you by now and it is best to act like you are just being friendly and not looking to get back. But make sure they can notice the changes you have made that remind them of why they fell for you. Keep it that way for a while until they tell you they would want you back.

Finally, you need to avoid sleeping together until a commitment is made. Many exes may sleep together, but that will not guarantee the relationship will be reignited. However in the rear instance that they broke up with you because the sex was bad and you have now perfected it, then maybe sleeping together will help.

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